Compagnia del Colore - Hair Colours Made in Italy


Ammonia Free Coloring Cream

The Ammonia Free Coloring Cream is a delicate coloration that comes in 52 incredible shades.

It contains Papaya Complex®, whose principal element is Papaine rich in emollient, nutritive and conditioning properties.
This coloring treatment is gentle on the hair and scalp, while giving an intense and even coloration with amazing, very bright and durable reflexes.
The high quality Pure Micro Pigments contained in the formula make this cream perfect to cover the first grey hair, to revive the color and brightness of natural hair or pre-colored lengths, to tone superlightening shades and to repigment the hair before a permanent coloration.
The absence of Ammonia makes this product delicate on the hair and great also for those customers that approach the world of color for the first time.