Compagnia del Colore - Hair Colours Made in Italy


Company profile

Compagnia del Colore is recognized both in Italy and abroad as one of the trichological companies in the forefront of both productive capacity and marketing and scientific research.
According to our philosophy, the hairstylist and final customer are both the center of our attention in terms of development of products, contents and services.
With this in mind, we constantly carry out research to find new ingredients and components that will allow obtaining the best aesthetic result in the least possible time while highly respecting the hair, scalp and environment.
The features that noticeably differentiate the quality of our production from usual standards are various. We, in fact, follow a Certified Production Protocol that implies constant controls and maximum guarantee. We use the most advanced machinery and create innovative formulas employing hi-tech raw materials, uniquely qualitative and efficacious ingredients and natural active principles that protect the scalp and hair while guaranteeing brightness and duration.
Compagnia del Colore offers innovative, appealing, dynamic, intriguing scents and with a great quality-to-price ratio products.